American Embassy – BANJUL, GAMBIA

Systems furniture Installation Services, 2018

The American Embassy in Banjul, the Gambia contact T4 Logistics to undertake the installation of new Knoll open plan workstations for select areas in the Banjul Embassy. T4 and its predecessor company, Nova International, Inc. had worked on several projects for both the American Embassy and the USAID Mission in the Gambia over the course of 20 years and was familiar with the Embassy layout as well as the warehouse and the local labor providers. T4 had also supplied and set up a “man-camp” consisting of modular buildings for with a European mining company working in the Gambia. T4 was well positioned and experienced with local working conditions.

T4’s senior engineer travelled to Banjul and with the assistance of the local sub-contracted labor group and two of the embassy warehouse staff removed the old furniture, unloaded, and staged the new furniture, and assembled the new open plan and private office furniture in record time.