T4 has the needed combination of product expertise and management experience in international project and logistics management, making it a formidable partner for its customers.

exported, delivered, and installed, since 1985

Since Feb 2, 1985 we have exported, delivered, and installed in excess of $350 million furniture, furnishings, equipment and modular buildings for diplomatic, military, corporate and international organizational customers. Outfitted embassies, other USA and non-USA diplomatic agencies, banks, oil companies, hotels, military bases with furniture and interior elements; built remote camps and housing compounds for the US military, US and European oil, gas, and mining industries primarily in Africa.

Complete Solutions.

T4 provides complete packages of office furniture and furnishings for international projects. Working primarily in resource challenged countries, T4 offers classic end-to-end supply chain solutions. It starts with the determination and refining of the customer’s furnishings requirements and ends with the outfitting of the customer’s facility using T4’s crews.

Challenging Environments.

T4 geographical speciality is Africa, the Caribbean, and Central Asia. While the company has completed many projects throughout Europe and the Far East, many customers chooseT4 because their project is in resource challenged locations where conventional vendors lack the needed experience and managerial expertise to effectively perform.

Appropriate Strategies.

T4 is distinguished from its competitors by the operational knowledge it acquired from years of working in developing countries. T4 combines local contractors and local expertise with its own technical expertise provided by T4’s international expatriate managers and technical supervisors. The result is a project implementation approach that is both cost-effective and rapid.

What we do

We provide complete packages on furniture and furnishings for international customers delivered and installed at their facilities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe.
We provide furniture installation and furniture project management services to US Government customers for their projects outside the USA.
Build modular base camps and modular buildings in Africa for oil and gas, mining, military and other Government organizations.

Our Experience

T4 was formed in 2005 as a transport intermediary and non-vessel-owning common carrier. With its September 2011 acquisition of a 25-year-old USA-based furniture and furnishings company, Nova International, T4 can rightfully state that it has installed furniture in over 140 countries.

Our Latest Projects