American Embassy – RABAT, MOROCCO

Interior Design and Systems Furniture Installation Services.  2019 & 2021

The American Embassy in Rabat, Morocco was facing a dilemma. A significant increase of staff in different sections of the Embassy required interior design and interior planning that would accommodate the staff increase but also re-use the relatively new Knoll systems furniture already in place.  With fiscal year budget and allocation deadlines approaching, the Embassy needed design options quickly and given the crushing workload of the Dept of State OBO interior designers, the Embassy had to look elsewhere if they wanted to get the designs done and new add on furniture parts and pieces ordered using the monies from the current fiscal year. The GSO and FMO at the Embassy in Rabat both had worked with T4 and its predecessor company, Nova International, Inc at other posts over the past three decades and knew they could call on T4 to get the job done.

The first phase of the project was an evaluation of the current furniture layouts and production of alternative interior space plans. T4’s senior principal went to Rabat and worked with the local staff to come up with space plans that would accommodate the staff expansion and re-use the existing furniture. Once consensus on the design was reached, the T4 principal generated a bill of materials for the new additional Knoll furniture required by the new plan and the Embassy ordered the furniture thru OBO.

The second phase of the project launched after the new Knoll additional furniture parts and pieces reached Rabat several months later. In the interim, COVID 19 struck the world and brought the world…as well as the installation phase… to a halt until 2021.

For the second phase, T4’s senior systems engineer travelled to Rabat and worked directly with the Embassy facilities staff to do the complete reconfiguration. Over the course of ten working days, the existing systems furniture was partially dismantled, and the new parts and pieces slotted in wherever required to achieve the recommended staff expansion design. By the end of the project, the new design was achieved, the workstations were fully powered and re-wired, and the Embassy’s facility staff were trained in the proper methods of reconfiguration and re-assembly of Knoll’s relatively complex open plan furniture system.