Lilongwe, Malawi – United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

USAID called on T4 to sort and inventory several containers of knocked down modular office furniture sent to Lilongwe, Malawi for its USAID Mission there. The furniture was originally purchased in 2005 for the USAID Mission in Antananarivo, Madagascar. When the USAID Mission in Madagascar moved to the new embassy compound, USAID decided to tear down and ship  the modular workstations to another of USAID’s Missions in Africa. The hundreds of parts and pieces needed to be sorted and inventoried to determine how many new workstations could fit into the USAID offices in Malawi. T4’s supervisor worked in country with a team of USAID laborers to sort and inventory the many parts and pieces, and from that inventory came up with workstation configurations and space plans that fit into the USAID space. Later, when the Mission completed renovation work to one of the formerly unused sections of the building, a T4 installation team returned to Malawi and working with 27 day laborers was able to completely clean, sort, and install some 50+ workstations within a week’s time. The workstations were made like new and designed to provide privacy and storage in the Mission’s limited space. Phase 2 is scheduled to install another 50 workstations from the available parts and pieces once the second phase of renovation is completed. T4 again demonstrated its unmatched ability to take a group of unskilled and semi-skilled workers and turn them into an effective work force able to accomplish a great deal of space reconfiguration in a very short period of time with minimal disruption to the staff and organization.